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All the Aires - Spain and Portugal - (4th edition)

All the Aires - Spain and Portugal This is a completely revised edition of the guide to 'aires' in Spain and Portugal. Over 80% of the Aires featured in this edition were inspected during 2015. Also included are listings for LPG filling stations and open-all-year campsites.

The guide has the same familiar layout as the other aires guides from Vicarious Books and includes a useful introduction to the principles of the Aires network.

The guide is divided into two main sections, Spain (321 aires) and Portugal (135 aires). Both have good introductions with plenty of useful information and start with a clear map on which all the listed Aires are indicated and numbered. The sections have the Aires listed 2 to a page with 3 colour photos to give a useful idea of the environs.

LPG filling stations for both countries are listed in a separate section at the back of the book, all have the location, GPS coordinates and a colour photo.

Each description of an inspected aire is accompanied by three colour photos and two sets of symbols, one indicating the service facilities available, the other indicating other features such as overnight parking, hard surface, level surface, etc. Usefully, there is a symbol to indicate if access is difficult for large (over 7m) motorhomes. Clear directions are given, plus a short description which usually includes information about the locality and other services nearby. Charges, opening dates, GPS co-ordinates and postcodes (where appropriate) are also shown.

This edition of All the Aires Spain and Portugal includes a fold out route planning map to be used in conjunction with thisedition only. There are great advantages in having this because you can see the whole of Spain and Portugal on each side and main routes and toll roads are clearly highlighted. One side locates all the Aires and the other side locates all the LPG stations and campsites, thus making route planning alongside Aires, campsite and LPG station selection easy.

This is the most comprehensive and up to date guide to the aires in Spain and Portugal available in any language and must surely be an essential purchase for anyone heading to the area with their motorhome. Even for those who mainly use campsites it would be a useful addition to the motorhome library, you never know when you might need to make an unplanned stop.

2016 review by Andy Clarke

All the Aires - Spain and Portugal
Paperback - 176 pages - A5 format
£17.99 including UK postage.
ISBN 9781910664049

Published by:
Vicarious Books Ltd
62 Tontine Street
0131 208 3333

Available direct from the publishers,
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