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Calor Ends Production of Calor Lite® Cylinders

Calor Luite cylinderCalor are no longer investing in new stock of the 6kg Calor Lite®. They say that demand for the standard 6kg LPG cylinder continues to grow and in order to improve overall availability they have taken the decision to increase their investment in the standard 6kg cylinder to over £1million this year.

They are currently undertaking market research with the aim to launch a new leisure / caravan gas cylinder which will be designed with a number of consumer benefits in mind, one of which will be weight which is recognised as an important benefit for some customers. They will be involving both retailers and members of the caravan industry in focus groups to help with product design.

Existing 6kg Calor Lite® demand will be serviced using current cylinder stocks although, without new cylinders, availability will be limited. Where no 6kg Calor Lite® cylinders are in stock then a standard 6kg cylinder will be supplied as a free exchange alternative (as per latest exchange policy September 2016). In addition; as of 1st July 2017 the 6kg Calor Lite recall, which required the return of all 6kg Calor Lite® cylinders manufactured between 2008-2011 inclusive, will be closed.
Any 6kg Calor Lite® Cylinder Recall vouchers presented by customers after this date will still be honoured. Again where no stock is available the voucher can be exchanged for a standard 6kg cylinder.

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