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Motorhome Holiday Exchange

To offer your motorhome, RV, or campervan for a holiday exchange please send the details using our submission form.

Listings are free. Please note that exchanges are a personal arrangement between owners, and UKMotorhomes.net has no involvement other than offering space for owners to advertise their vehicles for exchange.

It is sometimes difficult for UK based motorhome owners to obtain insurance for non-EU driving licence holders. We strongly advise you to ensure, in advance, that you can obtain insurance cover for your proposed exchange. We understand that Herts Insurance may be able to offer cover for non-EU licence holders, contact via their website www.hertsinsurance.com/walkabout/External link

Tips for exchangers
A regular exchanger has sent these tips to help first timers.

 Exchangers comments

"Please remove my offer France with new Zealand 2019/ 2020.  We have arranged the exchange. Thank you for your help."

"Could you please remove or mark as arranged my motorhome exchange request. I'm enjoying the exchange right now - many thanks to you for making it possible!"

"Please remove my listing we have successfully exchanged again. Well done need to shout another couple of beers we have six successful exchanges of your site"

"thanks to your web site we have successfully exchanged five times tanks for everything"

"Hello, we have managed to set up an exchange via this web  site,  thank you."

"We have found again a swap partner. Thank you for the opportunity on your site. "

How to contact a potential exchanger

Just click on the email link below each offer. What should happen is that clicking on the link opens your email program ready to send an email to the advertiser. However email addresses on this page are encrypted and a few combinations of browser and email client may not correctly interpret them. If it doesn't work for you please contact us via our contact form and we'll send you the email address of the request you are interested in.

Australia - Exchange wanted Europe 2022
Offered: Motorhome in 2022 - Wanted: Motorhome in 2022

Family of four in a Toyota coaster motorhome in Oz seeking to visit Family in Germany and travel around Europe full-time. Would love to ideally swap with another family of four. Our kids are 3 and 0, so will need to have two babyseats if possible. Can share more personal information and instagram page once matched. Our time period is any time around may or June, ideally beginning of June. And we don't have an end date yet so can discuss with you. We would want it at least for 2-3 months and then we can discuss longer options.


Submitted on: 25/02/2022

Wales, United Kingdom - Exchange wanted United Kingdom 2022
Offered: House in 2022 - Wanted: Motorhome in 2022

Offering a non simultaneous week holiday in a one bedroom self catering loft apartment in a great location in Abergavenny in the south East corner of the Brecon Beacons. IN EXCHAGE FOR: Non simultaneous one week in your campervan for touring UK


Submitted on: 24/02/2022

A few thoughts for first time exchangers.

You probably need to place your listing or ad at least 6-8 months prior to your contemplated holiday.

Look for an exchange with a motor home that is similar in size to your own. Remember you will be in a different country and you will need to concentrate on traffic conditions and road signs rather than the size of the vehicle.

Come to an agreement over insurance and any other costs that may occur during the exchange, for example if the fridge breaks down, or you get a blow-out in one of the tyres.

Join a motor home association in the country you intend to holiday in. They can often make bookings for you on ferries etc and provide good information on camping sites.

Keep in constant touch with the people you have exchanged with building up a bond with them so that you both feel comfortable with the exchange.

Last but not least it is worthwhile producing a realistic itinerary so that you can accommodate all the sights you envisage visiting.

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