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How To Save Money When You are Traveling By Motorhome

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Buying a used motorhome can be a great way to see the world with your family. However, it can also become pretty expensive, especially if you don’t have the experience of travelling by motorhome

There are thousands of ways to save money on your way. Keeping your costs down will help you to extend your holiday and explore more places. For instance, you can plan your meals, avoid motorways, and use bikes to explore the cities. Check for more tricks here:

Take your bike

If you plan to visit cities on your way, consider taking your bicycle with you. You will be able to park your motorhome outside of the town to help you reduce your travel costs - you will not need to pay for parking spots in the city (which are usually expensive) and additional fuel.

Also, it will help you to avoid traffic jams in the city and enjoy sightseeing. It is crucial to take a break from driving from time to time and keep yourself active.

The great thing is that you can transport several bikes on your motorhome. Different types of bike rack are available so you'll need to do some research to find out what you can fit to your vehicle.

Use your kitchen

Many people don’t want to cook on holiday. There will always be the temptation to stop for coffee and a sandwich at a filling station. However, you should buy groceries from the local shops and cook in the motorhome since it can seriously save you a fortune and helps support local businesses.

You don’t need to spend hours in your motorhome cooking. Keep your shopping list short, and learn how to have a minimalist approach to cooking.

There are a lot of easy meals that you can cook within half an hour (and most probably you will have some leftovers that you can eat the next day). For instance, you can cook stuffed pepper casserole, lemon pepper salmon with courgettes, egg breakfast with bacon, french toast, oatmeal with fruit and nuts, salsa chicken, etc.

Consider buying some groceries in bulk (non-perishable foods such as oatmeal, dried fruit, nuts, cookies, peanut butter, bottled water). It will help you reduce the stress on the way – and you may not always be able to find a supermarket (especially on Sundays).

If you want to save cash on the way, avoid too many visits to bars and clubs. If you feel like a glass of wine or beer, it would be better if you do it ‘at home.’

Avoid motorways

Consider avoiding motorways if you are travelling in Europe. On the one hand, the highway is the fastest way to get to your destination. On the other hand, motorway tolls in Europe can be expensive. Chose the back roads during your holiday - that’s how you can save money and discover new places.

Keep in mind that the filling stations on motorways are much more expensive than the ones in towns, and supermarket filling station are usually cheapest.

If you are still feeling hesitant about taking back roads, calculate the costs of travelling on the motorway.


You need to take into account unexpected situations as well. Let’s say your motorhome breaks down on the highway in a foreign country. What will you do? One solution would be to call a local mechanic. However, repairing your vehicle abroad might be expensive - the locals might take advantage of you.

There are two things you can do in order to avoid getting ripped off. The first option is to unleash your inner mechanic. These days you can Google absolutely everything and find a detailed answer to your question. So, adopt a can-do attitude and learn how to repair the motorhome on your own.

The second option is to find the right breakdown cover for your motorhome. In this case, you need to do research in order to find a good deal. You'll have to to check that the cover is suitable for your vehicle, some policies have size and weight restrictions.

Make a plan

Travelling by motorhome is fun because it allows you to act spontaneously. You can go to any city or the village you want and stay there as long as you wish. However, you need to have a plan in order to save money.

Check online and find spots on your way where you can stay without paying extra fees. Camping fees are not so high compared to the hotel costs, however, spending up to £30 every night is not the most convenient thing to do. The main caravan and motorhome clubs have many small sites, usually on farms, that are limited to a maximum of 5 motorhomes or caravans, these have limited facilities but are much cheaper than staying on large campsites.

When it comes to planning, make a list of your daily meals and check the roads in advance.

Anyone can afford the motorhome or campervan lifestyle, you just need to plan your trip, look for opportunities, and think about joining the motorhome clubs. You will have a lot of unforgettable moments during your trip, so don’t let your tight budget put you down - adventure is calling!

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