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Dash Cams for Motorhomes

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Dash cams: a must-have for your motorhome?

The demand for dash cams is on the rise, with around 10.9 million UK drivers using one1. Almost half of all users say the main reason they got the gadget was to record evidence in the event of an accident, with over a third stating they feel safer on the roads with the camera in place.

Anything that helps shed light on who was at fault in a road accident can only be a good thing – especially with an increasing occurrence of so called ‘crash for cash’ incidents, where criminals crash into other drivers deliberately to make a fraudulent insurance claim. Plus, video evidence is a great way to prove when an accident wasn’t your fault and protect your No Claims Bonus.

Getting a dash cam for the car you drive every day seems a no brainer. But is it worth installing one in your motorhome too?

5 reasons to get a dash cam for your motorhome:

 Speed awareness
Many dash cams on the market do things like detect speed limits and speed cameras, alerting you to their presence with a not-too-alarming beeping noise. It’s a feature that’s especially handy if you’re driving abroad or somewhere you’re not familiar with.
Bear in mind that speed camera warning systems are illegal in some countries – France, Germany and Switzerland to name a few – so you’ll need to disable the feature or use a different device.

 Parking assistance
Some models of dash cam double up as a reversing camera – a bit of a Godsend when you’re trying to manoeuvre into a tricky space, particularly if you haven’t driven your motorhome for a while and you’re not used to parking a big vehicle.

 Sort out surveillance
If security is a concern, look for a camera with a parking mode. It means that the device will record footage even when your motorhome is parked – good for overnight use or when you’re out for the day. Don’t worry, you won’t get an SD card full of uneventful footage: most cameras will start recording only when they detect something is happening.

 Aviva dash cam appYour personal cameraman
Safety and evidence-capturing aside, a big plus of installing a dash cam in your motorhome is to capture all that amazing scenery as you tour. It’s worth nothing that not all dash cams will record on a continuous basis (to save space, many will only spring to life when it looks like a collision is about to happen). So look out for one with loop recording and invest in a big memory card if you fancy an effortless way to get some holiday memories on film.

 Peace of mind
All the benefits of using a dash cam in your everyday car still apply when you’re driving your motorhome. And since you’re likely to be driving long distances on unfamiliar routes, having a dash cam could give you some added peace of mind.
If the thought of re-wiring a camera to your motorhome or forking out for a spare puts you off, take a look at some of the free dash cams out there. Insurance company Aviva have just released one as part of their Aviva Drive app – all you need is a smartphone and a cradle to sit on your windscreen or dashboard.

Which dash cam to choose?
With so many models out there, it’s tricky to know where to start. Prices range from £30 to £500, along with much cheaper or free apps. Like all technology, features vary depending on how much you’re prepared to spend. If you want a camera with front and rear coverage, parking surveillance, multiple angles and HD recording, expect to pay top prices. But if you want a simple, hassle-free solution to capture footage in the event of an incident, a dash cam app like Aviva’s could be all you need.

Using a dash cam abroad
It’s worth noting that while dash cams are perfectly legal to use in the UK, legislation varies across Europe, ranging from an outright ban in Austria to a complex set of rules in Switzerland. This article on which.co.ukexternal link gives a great overview.

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Author Emma Mitra

1 Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Aviva in June 2018

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