Buying a motorhome in Germany - a personal view
(or how to save £££!)

Part 2

Stan Wood's article, on the Motorhome List website, whetted our appetites so we started looking at the websites given as being good starting points for motorhome sales in Germany:

These certainly opened our eyes to the savings that could be made. There was a problem however: How could we identify which of the hundreds of motorhomes for sale had the sort of layout that we wanted? A few of the ads had external photos, hardly any had internal photos, and we weren't familiar with many of the models, not only that but the ads were, of course, in German.

Well, the Internet came to the rescue again. We contacted, via the Motorhome List, someone who had just been over to Germany and bought a motorhome. He, very kindly, posted us a copy of the German magazine specialising in motorhome sales - Wohnmobil Markt, it's a bit like an Autotrader, but listing only motorhomes. This we found most useful, as it had ads for many dealers, some of which had websites and also had layout drawings of a few of the vehicles.

The language problem was sorted by another member of the Motorhome List, John Harris, who gave us a useful list of the technical terms translated into English - this was added to Stan Wood's article so that others could benefit from it.

We still had a problem with identifying which motorhomes had suitable layouts, but then I noticed a posting, on the newsgroup uk.rec.caravanning, by an Austrian motorhome owner asking about motorhome use in the UK. Knowing that most motorhome owners are helpful people, I sent him an email asking if he knew of any on-line sources of layout plans of German motorhomes.

Well, he turned out to be a most useful contact, he offered to lend me a copy of the issue of the German motorhome magazine Promobil, published in 1993, that contained details of all the motorhomes available in Germany at that time - brilliant! We spent a long time looking through it, comparing layouts and other features, and came up with a selection that seemed to meet our needs.

Sites with layouts, test reports etc - gives layouts of recent Hymer & Burstner models. - Layouts, test reports, cutaway drawings of many models. - Some Hymer plans.

If anyone has infomation on other sites with motorhome layout details please let us know and we'll include them here to help others.

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