Buying a motorhome in Germany - a personal view
(or how to save £££!)

Note: This is an account of our purchase, which took place in 2001, I would advise anyone considering importing from Germany to check up on the current situation, for example I believe that UK insurance companes cannot now issue cover for vehicles with temporary export registration plates while they are outside the UK.

Your Editor, and family, have owned motorhomes since back in 1978, the last one being a 1989 Elddis Autoquest 400, ideal for a growing family. Since the children have pretty well grown by now, we decided that it was time for a change.

One of the drawbacks of the Autoquest - as with most other British built motorhomes, is that you have to make up the double bed every night, I know that we could use the 'luton' bed, but there's not really a lot of room up there! So we wanted to find something with a permanent double bed, it also had to be a maximum of 6m in length (the motorhome - not the bed!) to fit on the drive. We looked around and discovered that there were two options:

  • An A-class with a 'pull-down' bed in the cab area
  • A coachbuilt with a permanent bed at the back

We, of course, needed to sell the Autoquest to finance the purchase, so set about advertising it. We eventually sold it through an advert in the Classifieds section of this site. Now we could set about a serious search for a replacement.

We go to many of the motorhome shows, and naturally look in all the vehicles for sale on the dealers stands, so we had already decided that the sort of layout we wanted was like the Hymer 544. This of course has the pull down bed at the front, we thought that a permanent double at the back would just take up too much room.

Layout drawing
Hymer 544

Well we looked around and found several Hymer 544s for sale, but also found that only quite old ones were available at the sort of price that we could afford.

Reading the messages to the Motorhome List we soon discovered that second hand motorhomes were much cheaper in Germany. It meant left-hand drive, but then the Hymers that we had been looking at were also left-hand drive. Also we spend a lot of time in France, so LHD would probably be an advantage. We read the article by Stan Wood on the Motorhome List website about how he had imported his motorhome from Germany and that was it! We set about researching how to import a motorhome.

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